Victoria and Ben // Engagement / by Ally Willix

These images are so dear to my heart. Victoria is one of my oldest friends.  We rode the bus together in 6th grade, spent our summers hanging out at our neighborhood pool, graduated high school as best friends, roomed together in college, and have just shared so much of life together.  Victoria and Ben met during our freshman year of college and I still remember when she told me that Ben liked her; we squealed and screamed so loud that our neighbor came to check if there was a spider in our room. :)  I love that I have been a part of their relationship from the beginning, watching it grow and flourish into a beautiful love.  

It’s so special for me the way that Ben loves and cherishes Victoria.  I want nothing more than the best for one of my closest friends, and Ben is definitely the perfect man for Victoria!  Over the years Ben and I have developed our own friendship and I’ve loved getting to know him apart from their relationship as well.  Ben is such a genuine and goofy guy and a great friend.    

I have seen Victoria grow so much in the past three years that her and Ben have been dating and it’s beautiful to see the way the two of them have grown together.  I’m looking forward for the years to come in your marriage, watching how God uses you both and where He takes you in your lives. 

I am so honored to be one of your bridesmaids in June and I can’t wait to be standing beside you both on your big day! Congratulations Victoria and Ben!!  

I just love Ben's face in this photo. I can't get over the way his face lights up when he's looking at Victoria!

I loved the different props Victoria wanted to include in our shoot. Ben's truck, her guitar, and a quilt all added the perfect touch.  And painting pumpkins for their save the date was such a wonderful fall idea! 

One last image to whet your appetite for their wedding in June - when asking Victoria and Ben how excited they were to get married this was their reaction :) I'm pretty sure the exact same picture will be taken right after they say "I do"!