HAPPY 95th BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! / by Ally Willix


The Ally King Photography blog will function as the best place to see my latest images and read stories from my most recent weddings, but also as a personal blog.  I want my clients to get a feel of who the girl behind the camera is so you won’t feel like a stranger is photographing some of your most intimate moments, but a friend.  I also will strive to make my blog a place that I write about photography tips and things that are enriching my life that I think will be a benefit to my readers too! And without further adieu, my first personal blog post on the official Ally King Photography Blog will be a HAPPY 95th BIRTHDAY wish to my grandpa!!! 

95 years of life! That’s certainly a reason to celebrate! My grandpa was born in 1919 (which just sounds really cool and is easy to remember!). It’s crazy to think about the differences in the world from the time he was a baby to now. When I’m watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights I think about how this was the world grandpa was born into (minus the royal blood line and in Ohio). He’s seen everything from telephones being a bizarre new invention to the era of the smart phone. In almost a century the world has changed tremendously!

My grandpa served in WWII as an officer in India. He is the father of two boys and has six grandchildren. His wit and mind at the age of 95 is remarkable and he always keeps us laughing! I’m so thankful for the legacy he’s given our family and the stories of the world he’s passed on. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Here’s to the great life you’ve lived and making it to see 100!! I love you!