Lauren and Jeffrey Engaged / by Ally Willix

allyking-laurenjeffrey-blog 16.jpg

Bobby and I met Lauren and Jeffrey on one very chilly morning in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was about 19 degrees outside and they bravely took on the cold! When you look at these photos I think the only sign of the freezing temperatures is the frost on the ground, because Lauren and Jeffrey's love is full of so much life and light that it makes all the signs of cold disappear. 

Jeffrey and Bobby were friends in high school, so I knew a little about Jeffrey already when he contacted me. It was a joy to meet the woman who completes him perfectly. Lauren and Jeffrey easily bring out the best in each other, which I think is the most valuable trait a couple can have. 

Jeffrey and Lauren, thank you for a wonderful morning in Virginia! I can't wait to celebrate you both on your wedding day!