Liz and Corey // Anniversary / by Ally Willix


Liz and Corey married in October of last year and had a beautiful wedding! Since I am currently working on my senior portfolio focused on weddings, engagements, and bridal portraits, I asked Liz and Corey if I could take their portraits for my portfolio. It’s only been four months since their wedding but we’ll call this an “anniversary session”! We spent the afternoon exploring the arboretum by N.C. State. I can’t wait to go back there in the spring to see everything in bloom!

I had such a great time hearing all about Liz and Corey’s honeymoon and their beginnings of married life. They had an amazing Jamaican getaway through Sandals Resort and are now living in my hometown of Cary! I just loved capturing their sweet relationship and care for each other all afternoon. I could tell that Corey’s goofy humor keeps Liz laughing every day :)

Congratulations on your marriage again Liz and Corey! I will so enjoy seeing what plans God has in store for your lives together!


Liz and Corey put their wedding bands in their pockets so that I could make it look like our session was an engagement shoot for my portfolio. Liz's engagement ring is simply stunning! Towards the end of the post I included an image of all three of their rings that I took after our pretending was over.


Liz has also agreed to put her gorgeous wedding gown back on for me to take bridal portraits of her during our spring break trip to Charleston in a few weeks and I could not be more excited!! 


I really enjoyed capturing this sweet season of your lives as newlyweds Liz and Corey, and I hope you enjoy these pictures!