Thanks Mom and Dad! / by Ally Willix

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Thank you really won't ever be enough to explain the gratitude I have towards my parents. I've come out of college debt free and I can't thank them enough for that. Even more important than the monetary help they've given me, my parents have always encouraged me to follow my dreams.  I majored in something that I was passionate about, something that didn't give me a guaranteed job in a dependable field when I graduated.  When I first started the photography program I had no idea that I would want to be a wedding photographer.  I thought I would work for a travel or food magazine as a freelance shooter.  That certainly doesn't have a steady lifestyle attached to it but my parents never blinked an eye.  

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I love thinking back to all of the different careers I was determined were my dream job as I was growing up. When I was going to be a Vet, my mom took me to demonstrations at NC State's veterinarian school.  When I wanted to be an actress, I was signed up for classes at Raleigh Little Theater.  When I wanted to be a fashion designer my mom took me to New York City to go and shadow a designer at my favorite store at the time, American Eagle! That memory is by far my favorite - it was such an unforgettable experience for 13 year old me. Then I fell in love with photography. I took classes, joined the yearbook staff, and my parents took me on tours of the photography department at Appalachian State so I could continue to follow my passion for the rest of my life with a degree in Technical Photography. 


Thank you Mom and Dad and Grandma for helping pay for my degree and pushing me to follow my dreams! I love you all more than you'll ever know and am so thankful to have such a wonderful family. 


Whenever I look at this next picture I always tear up a little. My grandpa passed away last year and I graduated on his birthday, May 10th.  He always encouraged me so much throughout every year I was in school and helped pay for me to go to college as well.  Thank you for your love Grandpa, and thanks for being with me on my graduation day in spirit. I love you so much!