Hannah and Doug // Proposal / by Ally Willix

Hannah and Doug's proposal is one of my favorite things I've ever photographed! I'm usually terrible at being sneaky and surprised myself at how well Doug and I pulled off this awesome day! This story is a good one y'all, and I'm so excited to share it with you :)

Doug was the mastermind behind everything and planned a perfect proposal.  He asked me to tell Hannah that I wanted her to model for me for one of my photography classes. Because Hannah is the sweetest and will do anything for one of her friends, she agreed to ride two hours with me to a farm in Charlotte, just to model for a few pictures. Which also meant we had two hours in the car to talk about her and Doug's relationship and where it was heading, and I had to keep quiet the whole time since I knew exactly where it was heading! 

So far Hannah didn't suspect a thing. I had even changed Doug's name in my phone so that Hannah couldn't tell I was texting him! After using a few detours to get to Charlotte, we finally pulled up to the farm and my heart was racing.  I was so excited to watch two of my closest friends get engaged and to capture it for them so they'd always have beautiful photos to remember exactly how they felt in those dear moments.   


Hannah unsuspectedly posed for me while I told her I was still just testing the light.  At this point I was too nervous and excited to even think about trying to pose her! Can you see Doug riding in on his horse in the background?!


I told Hannah that there would be a horse as a prop in our "country chic fashion shoot" and told her that a man would be riding it in. That way when she first saw Doug from far away she had no idea it was him until he got up really close! After she saw him the first time she just looked right back at me and kept smiling, which made the surprise even better.

I love this picture of Hannah realizing that Doug is the cowboy on the horse! Her face is priceless!

It truly is a blessing to do what I do. Watching Hannah be overcome with joy and happy tears just warmed my heart. She loves Doug a whole lot. Doug couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. He had been waiting for a long time for this moment, and the moment she said YES! he burst into a smile that didn't leave his face for the rest of the night :)


After Hannah and Doug had some time to just enjoy themselves and take in the moment, I photographed a mini engagement session with them! The light was absolutely beautiful and I loved their fresh excitement that showed so obviously in every photo.


Hannah and Doug, I love you both and am praying for a wonderful marriage and life together.  I know God has great plans for you two and I'm excited to see them unfold.  I can't wait to photograph your wedding this winter!