Alexa and Gaston // Wedding / by Ally Willix

Alexa and Gaston's wedding day was simple and full of love. I love backyard weddings. There's something about celebrating in a home that creates a special intimacy among the guests and couple. The entire night I felt like I was one of their own family members! 

Their ceremony was full of teary eyes and lots of smiles. After they were pronounced husband and wife I don't think I ever saw the smiles leave their faces! Alexa and Gaston have a very deep and selfless love and I feel fortunate that I was able to capture their beautiful wedding.

Wishing you and your sweet family happiness for many years to come, Alexa and Gaston!

allyking-alegas-wedding 0199.jpg
allyking-alegas-wedding 0073.jpg
allyking-alegaston-wedding 0373.jpg
allyking-alegas-wedding 0144.jpg
allyking-alegaston-wedding 0136.jpg

Their adorable son Dominique was the cutest ring bearer ever! Don't you love his sweet sneakers?!

allyking-alegas-wedding 0501.jpg

Seeing a groom tear up as his bride walks down the aisle gets me every time!

allyking-alegas-wedding 1181.jpg
allyking-alegas-wedding 1344.jpg
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allyking-alegaston-wedding 2223.jpg
allyking-alegas-wedding 0206.jpg

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Varela!! Wishing you the best in your marriage and life!