Sarah and Chris // Anniversary / by Ally Willix

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It's been so fun to get to know Chris and Sarah during my last year of school! We all attended the same campus ministry at App, called RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). 

I've never told them this, but even though I didn't know them well at the time, I remember when Sarah and Chris got engaged very well because I thought it was so far from where my life was. They got engaged and married while they were still in school and I didn't even have a boyfriend.  I was so sure that marriage wasn't going to be a part of my life plan until many years later. It still makes me laugh to think about how wrong I was! Here I am just a year and a half later having so much in common with this sweet couple and feeling like great friends right away because of the similar stages of life we're in. 

Sarah and Chris are a fun couple who love each other well. Chris is a strong leader and anytime I interact with Sarah she has a smile on her face and something sweet to say.  They shared their first wedding anniversary just a few days ago, and I love that they did an anniversary session! The adventure is just beginning on your wedding day and those adventures should be celebrated (and photographed beautifully!). 

Happy Anniversary Chris and Sarah!

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