Happy Father's Day! / by Ally Willix

Photo 0309.jpg

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I'm a Daddy's girl through and through :) To celebrate father's day and my dad here are 15 reasons I love my dad:

1) He gave me my red hair

2) He's still goofy with me 

3) He loves roller coasters (see above photo)

4) He's the reason I love old music

5) I've always been able to talk to him about anything

6) He strives to always put others before himself

7) He loves to travel

8) He always shows integrity 

9) He's got a great sense of humor and always makes me smile and laugh

10) He encourages me and helps me pursue my dreams

11) He loves me unconditionally

12) He loves Jesus

13) He's a hard worker and provides for our family 

14) He's wise and smart 

15) I'll always be his girl

Thanks Dad for loving me well, for sharing so many of the same passions with me (like Disney and old music!), for making me feel like the most beautiful and special girl in the world. I love you so much. Happy Father's Day!