Abby // Senior / by Ally Willix

allyking-abbysenior 0237.jpg

My sweet roommate Abby is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out!  I loved photographing her senior portraits right at the end of our last semester in college before graduating. We were both going through the same nostalgia as college was coming to a close and were able to reminisce together on the fun memories we had while we walked around campus taking pictures. 

These photographs have it all: the famous App sign, the blue ridge mountains at sunset, and Abby's radiating smile!

Abby, thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me over the past few years and choosing me to capture your beauty through my camera! 

allyking-abbysenior 0201.jpg
allyking-abbysenior 0441.jpg

A random, fun fact about Abby - she is the queen of Twitter! She is hilariously witty and has the best tweets ever. One time she tweeted a photo to Bojangles and they loved it so much that they sent her two gift cards! 

allyking-abbysenior 0235.jpg
allyking-abbysenior 0287.jpg
allyking-abbysenior 0136.jpg