Chas Willix EP / by Ally Willix


My future brother-in-law Chas Willix is an amazingly talented musician! He tore it up last night at Bedford pool, playing songs from his soon to be released EP and covers of MGMT, Foster the People, and Michael Jackson to name a few. 

I'm especially proud of these photos because I didn't take them! Some of you might not know that my fiancé Bobby is my second photographer at every wedding I shoot. He did an incredible job capturing Chas' show! Those Willix boys certainly are talented! 

allyking-chasEP 1945.jpg
allyking-chasEP 1955.jpg

below: This is the cover of Chas' EP! I love that he used an old photograph of him and Bobby :) He's been working hard on creating some awesome songs so make sure to take a listen to a few of them here and look for the EP to be released later this summer!