my new camera! / by Ally Willix

image courtesy of Google images

image courtesy of Google images

Not every blog post I write this month will be packed with meaning and beautiful pictures. Sometimes I'll be just about to go to sleep when I remember that I've made a goal to blog once a month and I'm determined to stick with that goal and so I go to my computer to blog. Tonight is that blog post!

Something very exciting happened today that I'm thrilled to share with you! I got a new camera!!! This is extra exciting news because I haven't had a new camera since I bought one my junior year of high school. I was probably 16 at the time, so it was almost 6 years ago! I'm looking at it now and just can't believe that I actually own it. I purchased a Canon 6D and I can't wait to start shooting with it! It's a full frame camera that isn't too expensive and will be perfect for the work I'm doing. Now if only I could also afford that 50mm 1.2...

Here's my two cents when it comes to buying cameras and lenses:

  • buy used if you can. ask for the number of shutter actuations on the camera and try not to buy from us wedding photographers - we click our shutter A LOT! 
  • check out sites like B&H or Adorama. I bought my Canon 6D on B&H and ended up getting a $200 instant rebate with a camera bag, a 16gb memory card, an extra battery, and a monopod included with the camera. I really wanted to buy a camera used, but it ended up being worth it to get it new because I needed it quickly and I loved all the extras I got because I went with B&H! Plus, they do free shipping in the US!
  • buy the camera that you need, not just the nicest or most expensive one on the market. if you won't be shooting in low light, you don't need to be able to shoot at ISO 25,600. while bridesmaids sometimes like to sprint down the aisle, I don't need a camera that shoots super fast shutter speeds like a sports photographer would so the 6D is perfect for me. 
  • It's also very helpful to have a fiancé that loves research and is willing to do some of the dirty work for you! :) If you can acquire one of those, definitely do it.

Can't wait to share with you the pictures I take with my new baby!!!