food truck rodeo re-cap / by Ally Willix

*all photos in this post are from my iPhone!

*all photos in this post are from my iPhone!

Today was the food truck rodeo in downtown raleigh! If you missed out, don't worry. There's another one coming again in August! I couldn't afford to try all of the delicious food trucks for this re-cap of the rodeo but I can direct you to this lovely food truck highlight page that gives you a little snippet of what the best trucks around are about. And I'll give you some more insight into the two trucks I did try today - Ice Queen and Porchetta.

Let me first introduce you to the beautiful girl in the picture above, my best friend and summer time partner in crime, Jill! She's a foodie and I'm thankful for it. The knowledge she has about nutrition and delicious meals is abundant and she'll be bringing it to the blogging world soon. When she does I'll be sure to post a link to it on my own blog so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!

She's the one who told me about Porchetta, a super delicious food truck located in Raleigh! Today I tried their Mediterranean sandwich and it was SO GOOD. Get ready because I'm going to tell you what's in it and your mouth is going to water: slow roasted Italian style shaved pork, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and herb aioli all on the most delicious ciabatta bread ever. I'm hungry again just thinking about it. 

Two fun things I love about Porchetta: they have a where's the truck? page on their website so you always know where to find them and they cater! For brides looking to do something really different with your catering Porchetta has a lot of great options beyond what they serve in the truck and for a reasonable catering price. 


I'm ending this post with a beautiful picture of the best ice cream sandwich of my life. We waited in line for awhile but it was well worth the wait! I was the last one to get a chocolate chip cookie sandwich before they ran out!! Oh man I'm glad I did. This "sammich" was called the cookie monster and Jill tried the berry white, which had strawberry ice-cream and nutella on a white macadamia nut cookie. Ice Queen is located in Greensboro, NC but they come around Raleigh for rodeos! This was the perfect treat on a summer afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed my very small re-cap of today's food truck rodeo! I'll be back again to try new trucks in August and I hope you'll come out to experience the fun too!