February Goals // 2014 / by Ally Willix

image courtesy of Lara Casey free downloads

image courtesy of Lara Casey free downloads

Posting my monthly goals on my blog at the beginning of each month is something I am going to strive to do this year! Publishing my goals here definitely gives me more motivation to make them happen. I am also going to write about one tool each month that is helping me take my goals from paper to reality. 

February almost feels like my January since I was still enjoying my last ever college Christmas break for most of the month of January. While I still accomplished goals and began using my Powersheets and Simplified Planner during January, I wasn’t in the full swing of working on my school work and the busier aspects of my business. When I did start school, I noticed the binder holding my Powersheets was never open and while I was accomplishing a lot of my goals, I was forgetting about my why for doing them. I was focusing on the ones I could remember, the ones that were easy. At the end of the month I had seen changes, but I knew I wasn’t getting the most out of my goals and plans for changing this year. 

Powersheets are a Lara Casey original creation. She is the editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings Magazine and an inspirational, godly woman. (And she’s a red head!) When I found out about this goal setting and implementing tool I wanted to give it a try as I make a huge transition in my life from being a full-time college student to a recent graduate in May. I launched my business officially in December and knew I needed to be more organized and focused to keep it moving and progressing. I got my Powersheets in December and it took a long time for me to fill out the initial pages. Which is great! I want to make goals that have significant meaning behind them. I look up to photographer and friend Nancy Ray, and her post about her Powersheet process really inspired me to bring mine out again and work harder at them this month. I’m still working on completely filling out my goals for the month but one change I’m making is to take some of my pages out of my binder so I can’t ignore them! I’m pinning on my wall my monthly, weekly, and daily goals so that they’ll be easily accessible and on my mind. I’m also remembering this great quote that Nancy shared: “Organization and life tools are meant to be TOOLS not LIFE.” 

Check out Lara’s blog series on goal planning and her Powersheets to see if they’re something for you to use this year! 


monthly goals:

create 5 portfolio worthy images (I’m taking my Senior Portfolio class right now)

work with Savannah to finalize new logo for my business 

memorize one verse

buy another external hard drive and implement better back-up workflow


weekly goals:

work out 3X 

blog once 

shoot 3 sessions or styled shoots for portfolio 

eat/cook at home at least 4 times 

pack a lunch at least 3 times 


daily goals:

read my Bible 

eat a solid breakfast (usually my breakfast is more of a light snack then a meal)

use my Simplified Planner


I'm curious, what goal planning tools work for you? Here's to 2014 and big changes!