February Goals - 2015 / by Ally Willix

allyking-feb2015goals 2.jpg

To me, February is associated with all things red and pink, and of course love. And I love love! This is me and Bobby's first Valentine's day as husband and wife and I'm so excited to celebrate it!! And as pumped as I am about having a Valentine for life, I'm glad that my parents always instilled in me that Valentine's day was about celebrating everyone you love in your life, not just your significant other. So I hope you enjoy showing a little extra love to everyone in your life this month :) 

This month begins a break for me from shooting weddings for a little while. Winter months are the slow season in the wedding industry and I won't be shooting another wedding until April. That doesn't mean I won't be shooting at all though! I've got engagement sessions lined up and I'd love to hear from you if you're interested in a newborn or family session.

February's business focus will be to finish editing everything in my que and really begin my business re-brand. My goal is to have my website and brand where I want it to be before the summer. I'm also spending my time in the off-season learning. Doing lots of learning. From other photographers, from blogs, from books, from just playing with my camera and equipment more. 

I'm hoping this month will be the perfect combination between rest and productivity. I'm looking forward to getting things accomplished that get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list during busy seasons, but also taking a deep breath and enjoying this pause. 

I hope your February is full of love and maybe even a little snow! (Fingers crossed, right Raleigh?!)

Here are my monthly goals:

  • shoot an engagement session in Asheville 
  • celebrate our first married Valentine's day! 
  • finish reading Exodus, read Leviticus and Numbers
  • work out at least once a week, strive for 2x a week
  • make an Artifact Uprising album of our honeymoon photos
  • print photos for the frames in our home*

*didn't finish from last month