March Goals - 2015 / by Ally Willix

allymarie-ultramanflorida 26.jpg

I am so happy that it is March! Reason #1 - warmer weather! I love the snow, but I love sunshine more and I'm excited to have beautiful weather start to trickle in amongst these cold days. Reason #2 - February went by way too fast and I need a month to catch my breath! 

To be honest I didn't complete most of my goals for February. By the end of the month I couldn't even remember what all of my goals were, so that's probably why I didn't finish them! I'll be displaying my March goals in a place where I can see them every day. 

February was a great and quick month! Bobby and I celebrated our first married Valentine's day, I took a day trip to Asheville to photograph an engagement session, and we spent the last part of February in Florida crewing for my father-in-law's Ultraman race. (You can read all about that adventure here and here!) 

March Goals

  • Complete February goals
  • Begin re-branding process

And that's about it! I'm trying to keep it simple this month. I want to stay on top of my goals, not add more and more and be behind all year. Happy March, everyone!