Our Honeymoon! / by Ally Willix

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The week of our honeymoon was without a doubt the best week of my life. Pure bliss are the two most fitting words I can think of to describe it. I will always tell anyone I know getting married to make sure you go on a honeymoon!! Even if it's just for two days - get away together. It is the best possible way to begin your marriage.

As we drove away from our reception Bobby and I kept talking about how fun our wedding was and how much we wished we could do it all over again. Marrying the love of your life and then celebrating with all of your closest family and friends is a pretty amazing experience! And those wonderful feelings carried right over into our first week as husband and wife. It's hard to explain just how magical it was. We didn't have a care in the world about anything except each other (which is a lovely feeling after caring so much about everything while you're planning a wedding!). This was the first time we were our own family, where we got to make all of the decisions together just the two of us. Being on a tropical island where the only other soul you know is your best friend/husband is the best feeling in the world.

We came back with some pretty hilarious stories and lots of great memories! Today I'm sharing some of photos I took on our trip and those funny stories about our honeymoon adventures! Scroll down to read more :) And come back on Friday to hear my top 4 honeymoon tips to think about while you're planning your own dream vacation!

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For our honeymoon, Bobby and I traveled to the island of St. Maarten (or St. Martin if you're on the French side!). We stayed on the Dutch side of the island but visited the French side almost every day. Because the island is French and Dutch it almost felt like we were somewhere in Europe which was so fun! Those high school French classes I took ended up coming in handy for something! :) 

Our home for the week was a villa right on the ocean. I think our favorite part was the balcony overlooking the ocean! We spent every morning relaxing there, taking in the incredible view. We were not at an all-inclusive resort, so we cooked some meals at home, packed lunches, and ate at many restaurants on the island. Bobby and I love cooking together, and any time we make a meal together at home it instantly becomes a date night in. So having our own kitchen was really romantic and fun for us! 

Funny story number one: When we first got to the island a hurricane had just passed through so the stove and hot water in our little villa weren't working! We discovered this after we went to the grocery store so we had to get creative and learn to cook with just a microwave... Trust me, never cook eggs in a microwave! YUCK! It wasn't what we were expecting, but life can never be perfectly planned and we laughed about it and got our stove and hot water fixed the next day! 

We had one day we called our "tourist day" where we went shopping and saw one of St. Martin's biggest attractions: the planes landing at the airport. When a plane flies in it literally looks like it is going to land on the beach!! It's crazy how close it gets to you! The market in St. Martin is a lot like China Town in NYC, you can haggle for the price you want at most of the stores and we were able to bring lots of nice presents back home.

Funny story number 2: While we were shopping we stopped on a street corner to figure out which store we're going to go to next. All of a sudden a bird poops on me!!! It was soo gross! If you know me, you know I'm a huge germ-a-phobe so it was a big deal that I didn't throw up. (I did gag a little) We asked the nearest shop owner where the closest bathroom was and went into a store to get me cleaned up. Then they told us that their bathroom didn't have soap! What kind of bathroom doesn't have soap?! So we had to buy soap that they sold at the store and then I used it to clean up in the sketchiest bathroom I've ever seen. It was hilarious! And we still have that bar of soap in our bathroom at home :) 

We stopped to watch the sunset at an overlook close to our house one night and these mountain goats came so close to us! They were so cute! And that's our little rental car in the first photo :) 

These next pictures are all from my iPhone, but they are the only ones I have from our trips hiking and adventuring to some of the most beautiful parts of the island and I feel like a re-cap of our trip wouldn't be complete without them!

Photo 1: Our day trip to a nearby island - by far one of our favorite days!

Photo 2: Our first beach adventure after arriving to St. Martin. The water was so clear!

Photo 3: A picture taken on our hike to a beach called Happy Bay :)

Photo 4: Double rainbow!!! We saw this on a Sunday afternoon after a lunch at a hotel on the French side of the island.

Some other favorite highlights:

  • Our villa keeper Simon. He was always smiling and was so positive and we will always remember him!
  • The best chocolate cake dessert thing we've ever eaten in our lives. It was so good we went back to the same restaurant just for that dessert at the end of the week!
  • Picking and holding a lobster that I ate for dinner!
  • Trying to find lotion in a French grocery store after I got sunburned (which was inevitable) and not being able to read anything (my French classes focused mostly on food..). We tried all of these different bottles we thought looked like lotion but were actually soap and kept rubbing soap on our arms until finally a French woman told us where the lotion was! 
  • A Sunday champagne buffet at a beautiful hotel
  • Watching the most incredible sunset. We went to the west side of the island and watched as the sun seem to dip into the water. The only place in the U.S. you can see the sun set like that is on the west coast so this was a first for us! 

We ended our week with a day trip to the highest point you can go to in St. Martin! The view around us was amazing and these are some of the best pictures I have to show how incredibly blue the water was. Mountains and beaches all in one place made me and Bobby's hearts so happy! 

I'm so thankful for these wonderful memories of our first week as husband and wife. Our honeymoon to St. Martin was a gift to us from Bobby's Grandpa and Grandma and we will never be able to thank them enough for these priceless memories!!! 

Remember to visit my blog again on Friday for a few honeymoon planning tips! I'd love to hear your favorite honeymoon memories in the comments below!