Gloria and Bryce | Page Walker House Engagement Party / by Ally Willix

allyking-gloriabryce-blog 21.jpg

I love the stories photography allows me to discover. Gloria and Bryce's journey to "I do" is unique, because Gloria's family lives in Korea. The party they held at the Page-Walker in Downtown Cary was thrown for all of their friends and family in America who couldn't attend their Korean wedding to be able to celebrate their upcoming marriage. What a wonderful thing to have so many hearts that love you all around the world. I learned that after they are married, Gloria and Bryce will be moving to New York City, where Bryce will work on Wall Street and Gloria will pursue a career in fashion. (Which is the perfect choice for her, because I think every guest complimented her on her outfit that night! Including myself!) 

Thank you for including me in this important time of your lives Gloria and Bryce! Best wishes for your wedding and life together!