Courtney and Stephen | Downtown Raleigh Engagement / by Ally Willix

allyking-courtneystephen-eng-blog 3.jpg

One of my favorite things about living in Raleigh is that there are always new places to explore. I love discovering new places while photographing a beautiful couple! We went to the Contemporary Art Museum, the State Capitol, and finished with sunset pictures on Boylan Bridge, which overlooks our city. But the best part about engagement sessions is discovering more about my sweet couples! I learned that the camp where Courtney and Stephen met is right down the road from where Bobby and I live! Courtney and I both went to Appalachian State and it was fun to find out who our mutual friends are. I figured out Stephen had a passion for basketball after bringing up March Madness. I knew he loved it just by the way his face lit up! But my favorite discovery was learning what they were looking forward to the most about marriage. Everything they mentioned were the same things Bobby and I were so looking forward to as well. I can tell you from experience everything you're looking forward to is worth the wait! 

Courtney and Stephen, you both are so sweet and I'm honored to be your wedding photographer!