Film / by Ally Willix

A few months ago I got to learn under one of my favorite fine art film photographers, Perry Vaile. Perry and I met when I modeled in front of her lens for a piece in the most recent issue of Cottage Hill magazine (in Barnes & Noble now!). I was blown away by her photographs of Bobby and I and decided that when I was going to learn medium format film I wanted to learn it from her. Our mentor session together was such an incredible experience. I was giddy as I was taking every photo! I fell in love with my craft all over again. I've been yearning to feel that way, to have a new fire lit inside of me for photography and shooting on film has helped me attain that. With only 16 images per roll, you want to make sure every image counts. It helps slow me down as I shoot and be more intentional. The colors in film amaze me every time. They are so rich, and nothing is lost in the highlights and shadows. Overall, shooting in this medium makes me a better artist and more passionate about my work, and that is why I am switching from shooting digitally to shooting in film. This will not be an overnight switch to shooting completely in film, but I will slowly be incorporating film into my sessions and weddings and I couldn't be more excited about it. Thank you to my sweet (and HOT!) ;) husband for being the most amazing model!! 

Film Processing by PhotoVision