Chelsea and Benji Small Town Engagement / by Ally Willix

ally king - small town engagement session 6.jpg

I met Chelsea and Benji in their small town of Roxboro, North Carolina. I truly felt like I was stepping into a movie while we walked around! Benji seemed to know everyone who drove or walked past us, and if they didn't know them a friendly conversation happened easily. 

We finished our session on the front porch of their house that they are currently renovating. Besides some of the appliances and fixtures from the original home, they have completely gutted the interior and are putting in their own personal touches and charm. The creativity and hard work they are pouring into their new home truly inspires me! 

Benji and Chelsea, thank you for showing me around your adorable small town and asking me to document such an important time of your lives! I can't wait for your wedding in September!