With nearly a decade of experience and hundreds of weddings shot as a husband and wife team, we never tire of capturing raw emotion and celebrations of joy for our clients. Ally is effervescent and joyful, a true artist at heart. Bobby is fervent and inquisitive, always up for a new idea. Our strengths bring a dynamic team to your day and allow us to capture your story through an artful eye.


We love because He first loved us.
 1 John 4:19



Ally’s photography love affair started in college where she earned a degree in technical photography. Hours spent in the darkroom passed like minutes and her passion for film was ignited. A decade later and thousands of rolls have only deepened that affection. 

Often smiling and frequently encouraging, Ally is a joyful spirit and brings a levity to any room she enters. She is a natural encourager, feels alive in the midst of a bustling city and always sees the best in people. 

Bobby first held a camera in high school. His grandfather’s old minolta slr. After shooting a few rolls of film his curiosity was piqued.

Always up for a challenge, Bobby dove headfirst into photography after meeting Ally. She taught him the art of anticipating moments and chasing the perfect light.

Gathering new information at every opportunity, Bobby is a classic life-long learner. He thrives on challenges, loves to solve problems, and is known to crack a joke at the perfect time for in-camera smiles. 


In college, Ally was in search of a subject for a mini-documentary for a class project. She found the perfect subject in Bobby. We filmed together for a few weeks and as the days passed, filming became more intermittent and long conversations more frequent.

The rest, as they say, was history. We dated through the rest of college and were married on a beautiful fall afternoon in North Carolina. Our first wedding was photographed during our engagement eight years ago and we’ve been working together ever since. 

After almost a decade of creating together, to say that we work well together may be an understatement. This far into our career, a simple look or nod to one another communicates everything we need to know. We like to say “two hearts with one passion” because on a wedding day our goal and vision is the same: capturing the raw emotion of a day.  

Our core values are centered around the most meaningful elements of our lives; our faith in God, our son, our families, and friends. 

Traveling and exploring is our favorite activity to do together. We’re always dreaming of the next adventure and looking for new experiences along the way. We are big city people and feel ourselves come alive with tall buildings and hustle and bustle surrounding us. 

You can find us at the nearest Mexican restaurant or the trendiest plant shop in any city we’re visiting.

As shameless lovers of light-hearted TV our favorites are: The Office, Parks & Rec, and Ted Lasso.

OUR Favorites

OUR Favorites



-we’re always on to the next adventure; this year we’ll be in Florida, South Carolina, London, and Washington and Connecticut-



-this is our city. A little bit of grit with an English sensibility-



-from tacos to tikka masala we love the taste of different cultures- 



-The driving force and love behind everything we do-



-the light of our life and our greatest source of pride-

Our Son


-ally loves good character development, bobby gravitates towards science fiction-



-if it makes us laugh, we’ll rewatch it an unhealthy amount of times-



-in stark contrast to our work, if you spot us out, there’s a good chance the most bold color we have on is a shade of grey-

Dressing in all black


-green trees, late sunsets, a bit of sweat. Our favorite season-



-Movies, traditions, an excess of hot chocolate, we love all things Christmas-





Ally -

Bobby -

dinner & drinks with a view

an overpriced wine bar & underpriced tacos

Ideal Date night:

hot chocolate

black coffee

Favorite drink:

the office ladies

ask a cycling coach & business wars

Favorite podcast:

cozy neutrals

boots, chinos, tees and a beanie

Personal Style:


Oftentimes the biggest days of our life pass in a blur. Moments in quick succession, each filled to the brim with excitement and romance. We believe these fleeting points in time should be preserved and captured in all their elegance. Our goal is to create photographs placing your authenticity as the heart of the story. Images as beautifully intricate as your romance. 

Our greatest honor is to be entrusted with the reverent task of chronicling love stories through our images.