Beverly Hampton Bridal Session


Is there anything more epic than getting to do a bridal portrait session with a BABY GIRAFFE?! Beverly’s parents own the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, North Carolina so we were able to take pictures with one of their giraffes, a camel, and even zebras! One of Ally’s favorite animals is a giraffe so she was freaking out with excitement over getting to be so close to a baby one! These photographs were so fun to take – it was certainly a once in a lifetime experience! We drove over to the actual ranch for the end of the session to take pictures with some of the other animals in the background and we will never forget laughing as we ran away from the huge cows and bulls chased us wanting food! It was such a fun evening and we’ll definitely be going back to Lazy 5 sometime soon!!

Beverly made an absolutely stunning bride and her beautiful smile lit up even more standing next to her groom on their wedding day this past Saturday! The animals weren’t guests that day, but Beverly did have the prettiest nod to them with gold zebra, giraffe, and camel figurines on their tables and a beautiful zebra painting on their invitation suite.

We hope you enjoy these photos that we’ve been dying to share from our most epic bridal session ever!!

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