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This new brand has been a long time coming. Bobby and I knew even before we were married that we wanted to change the name of the business from using my maiden name. Plenty of wonderful photographers make using their maiden name work so well! But for me personally, I knew I wanted to let it go. Bobby has also been a huge part of my business from the very beginning, even if you didn’t know it! He photographed my first wedding with me and has been by my side ever since. He’s been to so many engagement sessions either as an additional photographer or as bag-carrier/moral support 🙂 He has always been a soundboard for all of my ideas and big dreams. His background in business made it an easy decision for him to be my “CFO” if you will. So when it came time to completely change the business we knew we wanted to officially become a husband and wife photography team. He was already my partner, so it was time to tell the world! 

We went to the drawing board for a new name about March of last year – so this a long time coming. But God’s timing is always more perfect than our own!

We wanted this new brand so badly last year. But Bobby was in a job where he had to work every Saturday and Sunday. Kinda hard to be a wedding photographer and work on Saturdays and Sundays! So even though we were ready to launch, it wasn’t quite God’s timing. Bobby stayed in that job until we knew it was time for him to leave. Once his weekends were free it was clear that the time had come to make this year long dream a reality! We’ve spent the last couple of months designing the new look and we are so excited to share this with you today. 

And now after that background story – welcome to Ally and Bobby!!!

We are SO giddy excited to introduce you to our new brand! Until now, my website and logo have been just that – a website and logo without much meaning behind them. For our new brand, we dug deep into our hearts to pull out our why behind the business, our why behind our color scheme and design, and made something that truly reflects who we are. 

This is why we do what we do:

  • to serve others
  • to preserve memories in a beautiful, timeless way
  • to glorify God with our gifts
  • to form genuine relationships with our couples
  • to love and encourage people
  • to bring joy to others

We worked with Chelsea Petaja for our logo and absolutely love the final design! I’ve had a crush on Chelsea’s calligraphy for awhile now, and have always been able to spot it among a sea of other prints and logos. That’s what initially drew me to her work – I wanted something that would set us apart. 

There’s even meaning behind our brand colors! Our main brand color is a deep navy blue. Some other colors you’ll see reflected in our brand are light gray, black, and cream. These are basically our favorite colors. Every time Bobby and I talk about what we want our house to look like one day navy blue seems to be everywhere. These are also the colors most often found in our closets, so we end up matching a lot 🙂 And for our brand photoshoot we both wanted to be the one wearing navy! It’s our color and I love that our brand design is centered around it. 

We had so much fun working with our dear friend Perry Vaile on this brand photoshoot! She always makes us look and feel way cooler than we actually are 😉 Thank you Perry for these beautiful images!!

  1. Hannah Smith says:

    Congrats!! LOVE this – Looks so good!

  2. Andrea Restrepo says:

    So beautiful! Love every bit!

  3. Em says:

    You both look beautiful, as does the new brand! 🙂

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