Courtney and Al Duke Gardens Engagement


Courtney and Al are two of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. Anyone who knows Courtney knows the way her smile lights up a room! During our very first meeting I was immediately drawn to her sweet, caring personality. From the way she talked about her family, her friends, and of course Al, I could tell she had such a beautiful heart. 

Then I got to meet Al at their engagement session! I meet a lot of couples in my job, whether it’s clients, friends, or parents of the bride and groom, and I have to say, the way Al treated Courtney truly made an impact on me. He always spoke to her in such a caring, gentle way. When he joked it was never at the expense of her. You knew just by the way he looked at her how much he loved everything about her. 

These two make such a fun pair and we can not wait for their August wedding! 

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