Cottage Hill Original – First Puppy


The inspiration behind this shoot came from the pets who have turned into part of our families. The pets who are treated more like our children, than just a pet. For newly married couples who decide to expand their little family with a dog, this is the first time they’ve shared responsibility for another living thing besides each other. They learn how to love it well, how to discipline it, and in turn that dog takes up a huge part of their hearts. 

As seen on one of our favorite publications, Cottage Hill.

Pillows and tea towel from Parris Chic | Custom Dog Family Crest by Juliette Grace Design | Dog bowl by Arrow + Sage for Ike and Stella | Hair and Make-up by Teighla Norris | Dog toys and biscuits from Woof Gang Bakery | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints | Models are Rebekah Senter and her husband Stephen 

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