August 2016 Goals


July was such a fun month! It’s always one of our favorite months because we love celebrating each other’s birthdays and also because it feels like the epitome of summer! Last month was the first time we shared our monthly goals on the new blog and knowing they were out there for the world to see gave us a lot of accountability! We checked off most of our July goals!

It’s funny how we thought summer would be a slower season for us because we have less weddings in the summer (our busiest seasons are always Spring and Fall). We were definitely wrong about that! Our calendar last month and this month is very full, but in the best way! 

August Goals

  • Launch Bobby’s Leather Business! (We’re SO excited about this!)
  • Read Seven with the NRP Book Club 
  • Go to an outdoor movie
  • Continue to take a sabbath once a week 
  • Begin planning a dear friend’s baby shower! 
  • Plan some fun things to do in NYC for Ally’s mother/daughter trip there later this month!
  • Blog two times a week (we have so many great sessions and weddings to share!) 

We would love to hear about your goals for this month! And if you have any recommendations for fun stuff to do/eat in NYC!!

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