Katrina and Boone NC State Arboretum Engagement


We adore these two!! Katrina and Boone are two of the kindest, sweetest people ever and they are crazy about each other. They have that genuine Southern hospitality that makes you feel like you’ve been friends with them all your life! Katrina recently shared this video testimony and I wanted to link it here too. Bobby and I teared up watching it! Katrina and Boone have this amazing story, and the fact that Boone helped Katrina discover her love for Jesus just makes my heart swell with joy! Photographing beautiful stories like theirs will never, ever get old. If you’d like to watch Katrina’s video testimony click here

Katrina and Boone, we are so happy that we have the honor of photographing your wedding this year! We’re counting down the days until September!  

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