Why You Should Consider Hiring a Film Photographer For Your Wedding


One of theĀ  most common questions we’re asked by clients, photographers and friends alike is: why film?

This article will help you understand why you should consider hiring a film photographer for your wedding day.

1. The Timeless Feel

Film handles colors and light very similarly to the way our eyes perceive them. The colors are creamy, the whites have beautiful details, the blacks are rich and saturated.

We think when you look at a film image, you’re able to better transport yourself back into the moment. The realistic light and colors are able to create a more accurate and true to life image that looks like you were actually there.

Some of the film stocks we shoot on have been around for 30+ years. This means more than likely your parents have some images on the exact same stock.

Rather than going with the newest editing trends (whatever they may be), film stands the test of time. Our photographs from 6 years ago have the same color and saturation that our photographs from this year do.

We don’t want your images to be stamped by a timeframe-selective coloring used to be very popular but has now fallen by the wayside; we’re trying to avoid those same trends now.

Film provides a constant in a trend-chasing world.

2. Intentionality

Film limits the photographer to 12-36 shots per roll depending on the format. This is a far cry from the thousands that can fit on a memory card.

This limitation ends up being one of our favorite aspects of shooting film.

Every frame has to be intentional; we’re constantly think of how to frame an image, what light is best, what’s most flattering for our subject.

This allows us to capture precise moments that we’re waiting for and creating instead of shooting thousands of images and hoping we got something good in there.

We also feel this is a better experience for our clients; rather than jumping around shooting a million miles a minute, the entire shoot feels more like friends having a good conversation. We’re able to bond more with our clients as we try out different poses and often leads to more relaxed images that feel more “you”.

3. The Skill Required

Shooting film is typically done manually; adjusting camera settings without previewing images first and focusing without using autofocus. To an experienced film photographer these things are second-nature.

Compared to shooting digitally, the photographer has to think and input much more into their camera. Most people could pick up a DSLR and take a decent image; focusing manually and adjusting settings without instant feedback it very difficult to pick up quickly on film.

You can assure that your photographers are very skilled at shooting if they’re used to shooting a manual focused film camera.

We’re creating images in our mind then executing them rather than having instantaneous feedback that a digital camera offers.

While it isn’t a war of film vs. digital we think that there’s something special about film; from the slowed-down romantic process, to the beautiful final images, films advantages can’t be ignored.

We’re always up for talking more about why we love film and how it can better capture your wedding day! If you have any more questions for us send us an email here or inquire about our wedding photography here!

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