Our London Trip


“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” – Samuel Johnson


the exterior of the laslett hotel

Ancient streets, impeccably dressed city-goers, charming shops, a dash of grit, and the best Indian food we’ve ever had. London is a city like no other.

C.S. Lewis has a way with words that draws you in. His description in “A Magician’s Nephew” of an early 20th century London began Bobby’s fascination with the old city. It only grew as time wen on and soon took the place on the number one place he wanted to visit someday.

Ally’s fascination began at an early age as well a la Nancy Meyers. “The Parent Trap” was a staple in her early years and led her to wonder about the big city that Annie grew up in.

Even with all the fascination that we both felt, booking our trip to London was somewhat last minute. We were sitting on our couch and just made the decision to buy tickets over a glass of wine. We booked the tickets and 6 weeks later we where there!

With travel days excluded, we were in London for 6 days and it left a lasting impression on us. We’re sure we’ll be back one day! It’s not infrequent for us to say London is the only city that could pull us out of NC.

Below are some of our favorite images from our trip.

Sky Garden was one of our first stops. We highly recommend it for breakfast or night-time drinks!




We popped over to Notting Hill for a few days. West London is beyond picturesque. Churchill Arms was one of the most beautiful building we’ve seen!

We’ll post more in-depth about our trip to London but enjoy these images for now!



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